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Ashley Silva is an American podcast Host and reality TV star. She is best known for being on the OWN’s “Love & Marriage: DC” show.

Ashley Silva Biography

Ashley Silva is an American content creator, podcast Host, and reality TV star. She is best known for being on the OWN’s “Love & Marriage: DC” show. The show is currently filming and will premiere its second season on January 27, 2024 at 8 pm ET/PTc.

Silva graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion from the Institute of Washington and Broadcasting at the Connecticut School. Commencing her professional journey as an author, she made her debut with the novel “The Power Within,” receiving critical acclaim and showcasing her exceptional talent and passion. Silva serves as the founder and CEO of FUN TIME MOMS, a lifestyle brand podcast aimed at motivating mothers. Additionally, she owns the Tween online boutique and co-founded the charity “Silva Lining Foundation” with her husband DJ Quicksilva.

This dynamic reality TV star has seamlessly integrated her interests in entertainment, fashion, psychology, and education into a multifaceted career. Over the years, she has cultivated relationships and conducted interviews with a diverse array of personalities, including actresses, singers, rappers, reality stars, and iconic legends such as Chaka Khan, Dionne Warwick, Russell Simmons, Michael Ealy, Megan Good, Common, Kelly Rowland, Yandy Smith, Ray J, and many others. Currently known for her role in the series “Love and Marriage DC.”

Currently, she is embarking on a new journey as an author. In winter 2021, she is set to release a self-discovery guided journal aimed at helping women rediscover themselves and pursue long-postponed aspirations. Notably, she has achieved success as the CEO of Global Infinity LLC, an international consulting firm, further adding to her diverse and accomplished professional portfolio.

Ashley Silva Salary

Silva earns an annual salary of about $47,000-$120,000.

Ashley Silva Net Worth

Silva has an estimated net worth of about $1 Million – $7 Million which she has earned through her career as an entrepreneur.

 Ashley Silva Photo
Ashley Silva Photo

Ashley Silva Age

Silva has neither disclosed the date, month nor the year she was born. Thus, it is not known how old she is or when she celebrates her birthday.

Ashley Silva Height and Weight

Silva stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches tall, and she weighs 125 lbs (75kgs).

Ashley Silva Family

Silva likes to keep her personal life private hence she has neither disclosed the names of her parents nor those of her siblings. However, this information will be updated when available.

Ashley Silva Husband and Children

Silva is married to DJ QuickSilva whom she met at a nightclub called Hammerjacks in 2002. Later, they tied the knot on June 1, 2009 in Jamaica. Together they have been blessed with two children; a daughter, Ashton Silva born on December 17, 2007, and a son Antonio Silva born on November 7, 2007. She resides in Washington, DC together with her family.

Ashley Silva Spilling Tea

Silva, Joi, Ashley, and Erana are engaged in a conversation when Silva confesses that she has already disclosed the information about Joi and Clifton being married. Moreover, she doesn’t seem remorseful about sharing this information, leading to concerns about trust and the need for privacy in Joi and Clifton’s relationship. Given the public nature of their relationship from the start, it’s understandable that Joi and Clifton might have preferred to keep certain aspects, such as their marital status, confidential. The question arises whether she had a valid point in suggesting that Joi and Clifton shouldn’t keep their marital status a secret.

The appropriateness of this suggestion depends on the context and the couple’s preferences. Some people choose to be more private about certain aspects of their relationship, while others opt for greater openness. The discussion surrounding privacy and transparency in a relationship is subjective, and individual or couple’s choices may vary. Ultimately, effective communication and respect for each other’s boundaries are crucial in relationships. If Joi and Clifton intended to keep their marital status private, Silva’s actions might be perceived as a breach of trust, and the impact on their relationship would hinge on how they navigate this revelation.

Love and Marriage D.C

Silva and her husband DJ QuickSilva are returning to provide viewers with a glimpse into their busy lives in the upcoming season. In the previous season, Silva expressed a desire for more quality time from her husband and urged him to adjust his schedule accordingly. This season presents a new dynamic as she has taken on the role of an author, leading to an even more demanding schedule. In a conversation with the Silvas, they discussed what fans can anticipate in the upcoming season. Despite their hectic schedules and numerous events to attend, the couple navigates the challenges together.

QuickSilva highlighted that Silva, in her new role, has gained firsthand experience of the busyness he deals with, although she may not entirely share the same perspective. The interview explored whether the changes in her daily routine influenced her perspective on the time Quick dedicates to family and home life. Even with the adjustments she is making, she remains firm about her desire for Quick to spend more time at home. The upcoming season will reveal how this ongoing issue unfolds and whether the couple can find a balance in their relationship or if it will pose challenges that drive them apart.

Other casts on the show include;

  1. DJ QuickSilva
  2. Clifton Pettie
  3. Joi Carter Pettie
  4. James Tyler
  5. Erana Tyler

Ashley Silva Social Media Platform

Silva is very active on her Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages. She has 3k followers on Twitter and 65.8k followers on Instagram.


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