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Lizzy Canales is an American an author, speaker, and wife of the Carolina Panthers head coach, Dave Canales.

Lizzy Canales Biography

Lizzy Canales is an American speaker, author, and wife of Dave Canales the Carolina Panthers head coach.

Canales is known as a speaker, author, and wife of Dave Canales the Carolina Panthers head coach. She has a background as a high school and college athlete, achieving success and earning numerous accolades during her time in sports. Additionally, she holds a master’s degree in secondary health education. Her passion extends to areas such as nutrition, as well as a love for the mountains and wildlife. Through her various endeavors, including writing and speaking engagements, she contributes to promoting health and well-being.

During Dave Canale’s tenure with the Seattle Seahawks, Dave Canale held multiple coaching positions, including roles as the wide receiver, quarterback, and passing game coach. He played a significant role in working with notable quarterbacks such as Russell Wilson and Geno Smith. At the conclusion of the 2022–23 NFL season, Canales took on the role of offensive coordinator for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. In this position, he demonstrated excellence, contributing to Baker Mayfield’s career-best performance. The Buccaneers had a successful season, advancing to the divisional round before being eliminated by the Detroit Lions.

Shortly after the conclusion of the Buccaneers’ season, Dave Canales was officially appointed as the head coach of the Carolina Panthers. This marked a significant step in his coaching career, taking on a leadership role for an NFL team.

Lizzy Canales Salary

Canales earns an annual salary of about $47,000-$120,000.

Lizzy Canales Net Worth

Canales has an estimated net worth of about $3 Million – $7 Million which she has earned through her career as an author.

Lizzy Canales Photo
Lizzy Canales Photo

Lizzy Canales Age

Canales has neither disclosed the date, month nor the year she was born. However, she seems to be in her 40’s.

Lizzy Canales Height and Weight

Canales stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches tall, and she weighs 125 lbs (75kgs).

Lizzy Canales Family

Canales is the daughter of Bob and Margie Henderson. She also has a younger sister, Katie, who resides in Orlando, Florida.

Lizzy Canales Husband

Canales is married to Dave Canales who she met while attending Azusa Pacific. Together they have been blessed with four children, whom they named; Ashby, Benjamin, Beatrice, and Amaya. She resides in the Seattle area together with her family.

Lizzy Canales Book – This Marriage.: The Question that Changed Everything

Canales is well known for being the co-author of This Marriage.: The Question that Changed Everything alongside her husband Dave Canales. The book talks about being open and truthful within their marital relationship and how it can be a challenging endeavor. However, she and Dave exemplify precisely that in “This Marriage,” as expressed by Todd Downing, Offensive Coordinator for the Tennessee Titans. Additionally, it also talks about there being more to marriage, willingness to accept the current state of affairs indefinitely, contemplating giving up and walking away, reaching a juncture in marriage where a decision is imminent, and preparation to delve deeper, regardless of the cost.

After nine years, the Canales successfully ticked all the boxes: a promising NFL career, two lovely children, fitness, friends, and financial stability. Their life seemed flawless until a desperate question from Canales, the wife, shook the very foundation of their marriage, laying bare the truth. In the candid retelling of their journey, Dave and Canales retell the highs and lows with poignant honesty. Whether you’re striving to salvage your relationship, undergoing a journey of redemption, or navigating the spectrum in between, “This Marriage?” extends an invitation to partake in the daring adventure of fostering an authentic and flourishing marital bond. He conveyed in his writing that, with the support of counseling and family, he has successfully overcome challenges related to infidelity, and has abstained from alcohol entirely.

The book was published in September 2022 when Canales held a position as a coach with the Seattle Seahawks. It was before his notable advancement to the role of offensive coordinator for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2023, positioning him just one step away from becoming a head coach. Motivated by a desire to assist other couples grappling with marital difficulties, the couple explained in the book’s preface that they aimed to create a sense of security for others beginning the journey toward a vibrant marriage by highlighting that they are not alone. While acknowledging that recounting painful details was akin to undergoing additional rounds of counseling, the couple found renewed healing and hope through a deeper understanding of their past.

The Carolina Panthers were aware of the book before hiring Canales, and a team spokesman mentioned that Canales would not be available for comments. This is until after his introductory news conference in Charlotte on Thursday. Canales openly shared in the book about confessing his infidelity to his wife and acknowledged his addiction to adult content, describing it as a secret struggle that predates his marriage. He also disclosed an instance of cheating on her a month before their wedding, attributing it to pre-existing patterns of bad habits and addiction. He also characterized himself as a “recovering narcissist” and detailed the effort required to develop awareness beyond his own needs. Regarding his issues with drinking, he made the decision to quit alcohol altogether, recognizing his lack of restraint in that area and its impact on decision-making.

He reflected on the early days of his marriage, confessing to removing his wedding ring on occasions and acting as though he wasn’t married, despite attending church. Furthermore, he attributed his actions to personal struggles rather than the demanding hours of an NFL assistant coach. The couple acknowledged the potential risks of exposing their personal struggles, understanding that it could affect Canales’ future job prospects in the NFL. However, they emphasized that their marriage is now stronger than ever, crediting their belief in God, faith, and prayer for the transformation. Canales wrote about the metaphorical burning down of the old marriage to give rise to something entirely new. The couple, with four children, expressed awareness that their story might be uncomfortable for some but hoped it serves as an invitation for others to delve deeper into their own relationships.

In the book’s foreword, former NFL coach Tony Dungy commended the couple for not letting their marriage wither away, highlighting their resolve to rediscover purpose and intimacy, ultimately achieving success in their journey.

Social Media Platform

Canales is very active on her Twitter and Instagram pages. She has 40+ followers on Twitter and 2k followers on Instagram.


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