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Drew Scott is an American Award-winning Reality television personality working for HGTV as a co-host alongside his twin brother Jonathan.

Drew Scott Biography

Drew Scott is an American Award-winning Reality television personality working for HGTV as a co-host alongside his identical twin brother Jonathan Scott.

Early Life Of Drew Scott

Scott started performing in theater, improv, and sketch comedies at an early age. The twins received training as young apprentice clowns and later went on to charge up to $100 per hour for their performances at parties and other gatherings. But as Jonathan’s fascination with magic grew, Drew turned his attention more to hoops. He also pursued acting as a teen and young adult, landing parts on Breaker High, Madison, and Smallville.

The brothers went to the University of Calgary, where Scott, a former athlete, majored in kinesiology. The twins wanted to be performers, but they didn’t want to be “starving artists.” They thought investing in real estate would help them escape the financial limbo that comes with being unemployed actors, so they watched an infomercial by Carleton Sheets. Following their investigation, they took over the lease of a seven-bedroom rental home across the street from their university during their first semester of college. They made repairs and cleaned it, then rented out the other five rooms, making $800 a month in profit.

Drew Scott Career

Drew moved to Vancouver in January 2006, having grown more frustrated that real estate was taking precedence over his own passion, acting, despite his success as a realtor. He moved in with Pedro, his best buddy, and allowed himself a year to really go after his dream. Jonathan continued to manage the company while he was in Calgary. Scott started acting and voice lessons in Vancouver made connections with powerful people in the business, advanced on film teams, and maintained a color-coded spreadsheet to keep track of everything. But at the end of the year, he was not as far forward as he had intended and was in debt totaling over $100,000.

Scott says in an interview with Entrepreneur magazine that one restless night, he heard the song “Pull Me Through” by Jim Cuddy and knew he had to “go back to his roots.” He emailed Jonathan to request the marketing template for Scott Real Estate. He obtained a real estate license in Vancouver shortly after and established a Scott Real Estate office there. Jonathan and his spouse relocated to Las Vegas in 2008, where they started buying and remodeling houses for rental purposes. With several locations across the country, including Vancouver, Calgary, and Las Vegas, Scott Real Estate employs scores of people.

While presenting real estate-themed shows, Drew was primarily offered hosting positions, frequently alongside Jonathan. Eventually, he received an opportunity from Cineflix to host a program called Realtor Idol, which was designed to be similar to American Idol. The company’s creators wanted Scott for a show they tentatively called My Dream Home, but the idea never happened. They also wanted to find a female co-host for the show.. They created a show around the two of them after finding out he had a brother who worked in real estate; that firm would go on to film the Property Brothers pilot. HGTV later picked up the show.

Drew Scott photo
Drew Scott photo

Drew Scott HGTV

In 2010, Scott moved to Las Vegas with his brothers and bought a condo on “The Strip,” a densely populated area situated to the south of Las Vegas. But in 2011, together with Jonathan bought a house together The brothers’ fourth television series, Property Brothers: At Home, focused on the makeover and broadcast on HGTV in the US and the W Network in Canada. Since 2009, it has become the most highly-rated HGTV series debut. Following the popularity of Property Brothers at Home, Scott Brothers Entertainment developed Property Brothers: At Home on the Ranch, a spin-off series in which the brothers returned to Alberta, Canada, their former haunts, to complete a 10-week renovation for a family friend’s Rocky Mountain estate.

James would frequently remodel their homes, hiring the boys to build and fix decks, fences, and barns at the age of eight. The twins would frequently move the furnishings in their family’s house even when they were younger. When they were teenagers, Drew was a standout athlete at Thomas Haney Secondary School, where he was a coach and a member of the basketball and volleyball teams. The twins were departing for university in Calgary when the family moved into their new house in Alberta following graduation.

Drew Scott Songs

Two country singles that Drew and Jonathan composed and recorded for the show debuted in the third and fourth episodes. The songs “Hold On” and “Let the Night Shine In” were made available on a number of music services, such as Google Play, iTunes, and Amazon.com. The brothers, together with Nashville composers Victoria Shaw and Chad Carlson, co-wrote both of the tracks.

The song “Hold On” peaked at number 38 on the Hot Country Songs chart of Billboard, and its accompanying music video has amassed over three million views on Vevo. On January 12, 2017, The Scott Brothers released their third song, “My House,” which featured Eric Paslay. The song’s music video, which was shot at the brothers’ Las Vegas residence, has cameos by Lindsay Ell, Carrot Top, and RaeLynn and shows a wild house party. The entire amount raised by selling the “My House” single has been given to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Drew Scott Salary

Scott earns an annual salary of about $700,000-$1 Million.

Drew Scott Net Worth

Scott has an estimated net worth of about $100 Million – $200 Million which he has earned through his career as a television personality.

Drew Scott Age

Scott was born on April 28, 1978, in Vancouver, Canada. He is 46 years old as of 2024, and he celebrates his birthday on the 28th of April every year.

Drew Scott Height and Weight

Scott stands at a height of 6 feet 4 inches tall (1.93m) and weighs 78 kgs (171 lbs).

Drew Scott Family

Born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Drew was the youngest of two brothers; James Daniel, who was older by two years, and Jonathan, who was older by four minutes when they were born. Jim and Joanne Scott, his parents, were taken aback by his delivery since they had assumed she was having a single child. As a teenager, their father Jim left Scotland to pursue his aspirations of becoming the kind of cowboy he had seen on television. Up to the late 1970s, he was employed in the motion picture business as an assistant director, stuntman, and actor.

Around that time, he made the decision to put his family’s needs first and they relocated to a horse farm in the neighboring town of Maple Ridge. While Joanne pursued her job as a paralegal in downtown Vancouver, Steve worked as a youth counselor. The twins’ father urged them to seek jobs when they became seven years old, so they launched their first company, JAM, producing nylon-covered hangers. They said they sold them door to door until thousands were ordered by a woman in Japan who marketed American souvenirs.

Drew Scott Wife and Children

Drew is married to his beautiful wife Linda Phan. In 2010, Drew went to an event during Toronto Fashion Week and that is where he met Linda, his wife. They shared a residence at the Las Vegas house that Drew and his twin still own starting in 2014. Though Phan travels with Scott in his capacity as Creative Director of Scott Brothers Entertainment, “overseeing their digital content, product and merchandise lines, and marketing campaigns,” he estimated that they were only there roughly twice a year. On December 13, 2016, they got engaged, and on May 12, 2018, they were married in an Italian destination wedding.

The wedding had aspects of their individual Vietnamese and Scottish ancestries, and it was featured on the TLC television program Drew and Linda Say I Do, which debuted on June 2, 2018. Drew performed a song for his bride, “You Chose Me,” which he co-wrote with Victoria Shaw and Chad Carlson. On June 2, 2018, the music video for the song was uploaded to YouTube. They also mentioned how much they wanted kids. They relocated to Los Angeles, California, in October 2017, and the pair stated they want to raise their future children there. Following a two-year fertility odyssey that involved IUI and IVF treatments, the couple revealed in December 2021 that they were expecting their first child in May 2022. 5 May 2022 was the birthdate of their son.

Drew Scott Wife Cancer

Phan has never been diagnosed with cancer hence rumours about her having cancer are false.

Drew Scott Social Media Platform

Scott is very active on his Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages. He has 886.3k followers on Twitter 3M followers on Instagram, and 7  followers on Facebook.


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